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Swale Canyon Showdown

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I Knew This Would Cause Trouble

Out Over My Skis

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It's Not About You! (Except When It Is)

The Great Smoke Monster Lies to the East

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Way to Respond to that Tap Christopher!

The Joy of (Not) Running

What If We Could Stop Unwanted Behaviors Before They Started?

Plot Summary

It’s Not Surveillance, It’s Performance Improvement

My Writing Pleasure Meter

Adventures in Car Camping, Part II

It's Just Data Analysis!

In the (Construction) Zone

We Thought We Were Done with Car Camping

The Weirdest Thank You Ever

My Wife Sold My First Sports Car

Screw You and Your Panopticon

We Killed a Rabbit in the Woods

Mid-Summer Check In

Why Can’t We Go Faster?

2 Wheels Off the Track

Let’s Call It Our War Room!

Things to Read

Stamper's Big Project, Part 1

Your Dads

When Wordle Became Bordle, We Turned to Quordle

Keith Likes Numbers

Digging My Way Out of an Algorithmic Pit

Blame It on the Black Star

There Are No Vans on Mountain Tops

“My Dad” Follow-Up

My Dad

“A Car Went Into Lost Lake …”


The Egg Car

Why Should I Worry?

Wildlife (Mostly Birds) at the Slough

Explaining Myself to Myself (and to You)

There's That Guy in the Van Again

Fog at the Slough

Exploring the Snohomish River Ecosystem

50 Days of Wordle

The Worst Passenger in the World

Our Language of Love Is Nonsense


Sources of Inspiration: Jenn Wraspir

Slough Notes: The Trail Itself

Dispatch from Wordle Support

Please Don't Stop Birding!

The Barn at the End of the Slough

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