What is Out Over My Skis?

I’d tell you that this is a newsletter about pushing beyond your limits ... but that wouldn’t be quite true, since I don’t know what your limits are. 

So really, it’s a newsletter about pushing beyond MY limits, about going deep on things I might skim over, about trying stuff I’ve never tried before. I’m a big believer in experimenting, in taking chances ... in getting out over my skis.

I may write about myself but I’m no narcissist. My real goal is to get you think about yourself too, and to invite you to engage in conversation in the comments section.

Mostly, I write nonfiction personal essays. Here are a couple of my favorites:

I sometimes write fiction, including a novel I serialized about surveillance in the modern workplace and a story I like about some over-the-top birders.

I publish when I’ve got a piece that’s ready: sometimes that’s once a week, sometimes it’s once a month. You can always reach me at tompendergast@gmail.com

Who is writing this?

That would be me, Tom Pendergast. I’m a writer and editor with eclectic interests: cars, birds, outdoor exploration, baking, cybersecurity and privacy, etc. I joke that I’m no longer fit for corporate work, but I once worked as the Chief Learning Officer at MediaPRO, a cybersecurity and privacy education company; before that, I founded and ran Full Circle Editorial, a book packaging company, with my wife Sara. During that first part of my career, I was author and editor of two dozen books and countless articles. I was on the school board here in our town for a while, and I remain interested in local politics. 

I live in Snohomish, Washington, with my lovely wife (artist Sara Pendergast, see her site). I have two grown children and a bunch of great friends, and we hike and race cars and drink beer and garden and watch birds and generally enjoy life. 

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Explorations in the pleasures and perils of getting out over your skis, told through nonfiction essays and explorations, with occasional fiction.


Writer and editor; former cybersecurity executive; hobbies include baking, birding, mountaineering, photography, reading, track driving, trail running, travel, and more. Lives in Snohomish, WA.